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Barnier, Barroso et Tajani présentent la communication défense de la CommissionCommission européenne

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  • Low carbon development in Latin America

    This Alert looks at the challenges facing Latin America as it transitions from its current development paradigm to a low carbon development path. Which countries have the greatest potential when it…

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  • Citizen security in Latin America

    This Alert explains why the reduction of lethal violence and other forms of victimisation is a precondition for ensuring inclusive and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

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  • The economic impact of violence in LAC: implications for the EU

    Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) can be considered to be the most violent region in the world, particularly when measured by homicide levels. Given the high costs of violence in LAC, how can…

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Centre satellitaire de l'Union européenne (SatCEn)



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