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Barnier, Barroso et Tajani présentent la communication défense de la CommissionCommission européenne

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  • Africa growing? Past, present and future

    What generalisations can be made about African growth episodes between 1950 and today? This Brief seeks to dispel some of the negative narratives about Africa’s economic record, as well as discern…

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  • Out of (and inside) Africa: migration routes and their impacts

    What impact have migration routes out of and within Africa had on EU migration policy? This Brief examines some of the Union’s efforts (and challenges) regarding the continent.

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  • Unrest in Ethiopia: plus ça change?

    After tensions between the government and citizens reached a boiling point in November 2015, a vicious cycle of protests and repression subsequently took hold for over a year. What, if anything, has…

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Centre satellitaire de l'Union européenne (SatCEn)



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